Apps by Amphoras

TPT Helper

TPT Helper is designed for the ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco etc.). It helps you to easily repartition the phone and convert it to the Gen 2 memory layout to let you run the latest custom ROMs. The unzipping and md5sum checking features should work on any phone, but only use the TPT files included on European ZTE Blades.

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Hide my Root

Want to limit who has root access on your phone/tablet?
Want to make it look as though your phone is not rooted?

Then Hide my Root is the app for you!

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Blade Checker

Blade Checker will tell you whether you are Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3, how much RAM you have, which type of TPTs to use, and your current partition layout.

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Password Generator

Password Generator allows you to quickly and easily generate strong, random passwords. Available for Android and Blackberry Playbook.

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Remote Control

This app will allow me complete remote access and control to any part of your phone. Once access is granted, the service will continue to run without stopping.

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